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Advanced EEPROM, MCU and Soldering (AEE102)


Programming advanced MCU memory devices & soldering  

Fee* Duration Location/s, Date

$2290 +GST (soldering station inclusion) or

$1990 +GST (soldering station not included)

2 days

Location and date TBA

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Download the PDF brochure here

Course description

Content currently being updated 2018 to include coverage of modern MCU versions:

  • Freescale MPC devices
  • Various ST MCU
  • Infineon Tricore
  • Renesas V850


This course has been designed to further educate automotive locksmiths or technicians in EEPROM related solutions, providing the knowledge and practical skills to execute more advanced key making methods using soldering irons and MCU device programmers.

Designed for users already familiar with basic 8 lead (leg) EEPROM in-circuit reading and writing, participants will develop a detailed understanding of memory functionality, discover and practice various methods of reading and processing BIN files, and undertake both theory and practical training on surface mount soldering and de-soldering.

The course content contains approximately 40% theory, 60% practical elements, covering two major categories:

  • Soldering & De-soldering
  • MCU / Flash devices and programming

The two topics are alternated throughout the training days to eventuate into several complete practical exercises, working on and testing the results of real vehicle immobiliser ECUs.

The training is delivered and tutored by two highly experienced and professional trainers: Blair Willson and Richard Hoares.


To apply, applicants require prior experience regarding:

  • Identifying and understanding 8 lead IC EEPROM packages
  • Determining EEPROM manufacturer and package version
  • Reading and writing 8 lead EEPROM memory in-circuit using a universal programmer

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants will gain the ability to pursue advanced immobiliser and ECU work which may require programmer wires to be soldered onto an electronic board, electronic components to be removed and read with an adaptor using speciality programmers.

Yours to keep

Included in the course fee is a Soldering kit to be used during some of the practical elements of the program. This kit has an approximate recommended retail value of $717.95. The equipment is included in the course fee, however applications for a discount can be requested if the applicant does not require the soldering station. Email: for further information.



GOOT RX711AS Soldering Iron
Quality Japanese digitally controlled iron
The RX-711AS soldering station is a precision, Japanese manufactured instrument with excellent temperature stability and anti-static characteristics.

RRP: $299.00


.46mm Multicore 60/40 solder RRP: $23.40


Moody Tools 25ml Straight Tip Precision Probe

RRP: $6.45


Quick Chip SMD1 Kit
Revolutionary new product for de soldering
Eliminate the need for expensive rework equipment using this new special low melt solder. Now endorsed by major electrical distributors and promoted on web sites such as Curious Inventor.

RRP: $27.15


MG Chemicals Solder tip refresher  RRP: $11.72


Specialised conductive cleaning brush

RRP: $14.15


Bernstein Glass Fibre Brush

RRP: $10.68

information-icon Anti-ESD Tweezer Set RRP: $14.95


GOOT 3mm Braid

RRP: $5.95

31 mm 9x Loupe

RRP: $5.95

STI Soldering Practice Board
Double-sided for surface mount devices
This high quality practice board will be adopted during some of the practical tasks throughout the training, but there will be space left over for future practice in your own time.
RRP: $188.95

Solder No-clean Flux Pen (12mm) RRP: $11.60

MG Chemicals No-Clean Flux Syringe Dispenser RRP: $16.79

Third Hand with Tweezers RRP: $15.95

Tech Ed AEE102 training manual
A regularly updated technical manual created by Tech Ed for after training reference and additional information.
RRP: Pricless

Additional notes and inclusions

Morning tea, Lunch, and Afternoon tea are to be supplied by LSC. If there are special dietary requirements, please notify LSC.

The program also includes the provision of laptops with pre-installed software to avoid any disruptions or unnecessary user PC technical support

Timetable and exercises

The theory and practical elements of the training are staggered to between soldering/de-soldering and MCU/Flash programming topics. Each participant are supplied their own Scorpio Orange5 and other programmers to use throughout the two days, soldering and programming real vehicle ECUs form a variety of models. Several completed exercises will be tested on a customised bench rig to ensure the procedures are completed successfully. Examples include a Mitsubishi Magna ID46, target ECU is the  BCM (includes HC11 secured), and GM Opel Immo2, target key reader immobiliser ECU (includes TMS370). 

Photo gallery

Soldering / De-soldering workspaces
1 / 24
Soldering / De-soldering workspaces
Training Equipment room view
All attendees have supplied programmers to use throughout the day
About to start the soldering exercises
039 Training (Large)
Basic exercise (soldering an SOIC device)
Richard Hoares inspecting the workmanship
Personal tutoring
058 Training (Large)
Solder joint inspection is crucial
Blair Willson covering some theory
Equipment overview
Laptops are provided on the day
Exploring the high quality SMD soldering training kit
Soldering a PLCC68 surface mount device
Soldering a QFP64 to an Orange5 adaptor
Class of November 2015
Class of February 2015
IMAG0147 (Large)
The very secure Mitsubishi Magna BCM MCU which everyone works on
Attendees from all over Australia
A collection of MCU based ECUs from vehicles to practice on
A test exercise, an Opel Immo 2 - tested in a custom rig
Victorian class 12/2015
Soldering / De-soldering workspaces

Topics covered

Advanced EEPROM, MCU & Soldering for locksmiths

Characteristics and functionality of Memory

  • MCU

Identification and description of Surface Mount Components

  • DIP
  • SOIC
  • PLCC
  • QFP

Identification and decoding of Mask sets

  • Motorola family mask sets
  • Texas Instruments mask sets
  • 8 SMD mask sets

Functionality & characteristics of specific MCU Family

  • Motorola HC05 (705)
  • Motorola HC08 (908)
  • Motorola HC11
  • Motorola HC912
  • Motorola HC9S12
  • Texas 370 Series
  • Feescale MPC
  • Infineon Tricore
  • other

MCU Security features and bypass

  • Motorola HC05
  • Motorola HC08
  • Motorola HC11
  • Motorola HC9S12
  • Texas 370 Series
  • Feescale MPC
  • Infineon Tricore
  • other

Reading / Programming of EEPROM and Flash memory

  • Overview of locksmith related specialty programmers
  • In-Circuit reading applicable immobiliser & ECU memory
  • On-board reading applicable immobiliser & ECU memory
  • Security bypass potential of applicable memory using specialty programmers

Processing EEPROM / MCU bin files with transponder tools

  • processing bin files with specialty transponder tools
  • programming procedures required before & after processing

Identification of memory relating to vehicle immobilisers

  • On and off-line references
  • Software reference

Soldering & de-soldering for locksmiths


  • PCB Construction and Characteristics
  • ESD (electrical static discharge)
  • PCB and component cleaning
  • Flux and application

Soldering physics and theory

  • SMT thermal requirements
  • Acceptable / unacceptable Solder joints
  • Pre & Post solder cleaning

Surface mount soldering

  • Component preparation
  • Component placement
  • Solder application
  • Soldering visual inspection

Surface mount de-soldering

  • Component removal technique and technology
  • Component removal
  • Solder removal techniques and technology
  • Solder removal
  • Post component removal PCB cleaning
  • Automotive PCB conformal coating, solutions and removal technique

Note: Theory and practical de-soldering techniques will concentrate on low-heat special solder, applied with a normal iron.

Immobiliser key making solution examples featured and available to work on during the course:

  • Saab TWICE (HC05)
  • GM immo 1 (HC05)
  • GM Immo 2 (TMS302)
  • BMW EWS 2,3, (HC11)
  • BMW CAS 2,3 (9S12)
  • Volvo CEM (Intel flash)
  • Hyundai SMARTA (AMD/INTEL FLASH device)
  • Chrysler SKIM (HC08)
  • Mercedes Sprinter / Vito (HC08)
  • Mercedes IR EIS (HC9S12)
  • Mercedes IR EIS (HC05)
  • VAG Immo 1, Type 1 (HC05)
  • VAG Immo 1, Type 2 (TMS370)
  • Mazda Lucas 8C (HC05)
  • Mitsubishi Magna ID46 (HC11)
  • And more

Specialty programmers covered in the program:

  • Scorpio Orange5 
  • SMOK programmer (for HC9S12)
  • X Prog Box / X Prog clones
  • UPA
  • AK-90+

Transponder production tools featured in program:

  • Scorpio Tango
  • TMPro2
  • Zed  Full

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