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Glossary: Alarms

Do you know what the definition of an "alarm system" is? What is meant by a "zone"? All this is explained in our comprehensive glossary.

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Glossary: surveillance

Demystify the world of video surveillance acronyms. Or brush up on your digital terms with our easy to use surveillance glossary.

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Glossary: Access Control

The access control glossary also contains some often used terms to do with electronics.

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Glossary: IP Code (Ingress Protection Rating)

The IP code standard is meant to help provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

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Glossary: Silca Transponder

Take a look at the abbreviations for transponder types used by Silca. Getting to know the short hand can assist in rapid identification of transponder types.

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Glossary: Silca Transponder ID's

Silca uses ID's to indicate the transponder type. These ID's appear when identifying transponders using the Silca RW4 and Silca RW4 Plus transponder machines.

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